What Is a PNY Micro SD CE Adapter Card?

With portable electronic devices, such as PDAs and smartphones, requiring complex memory storage, there is an increasing need for compact data storage. A PNY Micro SD Card is such a device.

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Flash memory is convenient for portable devices.

Adapter Cards

An adapter card, also called an interface device, is a small circuit board. The card is inserted into an expansion slot and used to communicate between the system bus and a peripheral device.

Flash Memory

Flash memory is a type of data storage that does not require an external power source to maintain its data and uses cells protected by electrically-charged floating gates. The memory is often used for portable electronics, such as cell phones, and in removable storage devices, such as external hard drives.

PNY Micro Adapter Cards

PNY SD micro cards are flash memory cards produced by the PNY company; they come with an adapter so they will be compatible with most devices. These cards are promoted as being the smallest in their line of products and are ideal for small devices, such as cell phones.

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