What is a Real Networks Scheduler?

RealNetworks Scheduler is downloaded as an independent component of RealPlayer and RealOne Player, both provided by RealNetworks, Inc. Although it is downloaded with the RealNetworks applications, it works as a separate program.

What is RealNetworks Sceduler?

RealNetworks Scheduler is a task scheduler that reminds the computer's Automatic Update and Message Center to maintain any pre-scheduled tasks, such as updates to the RealPlayer system. It frequently checks for updates and notifies users of any that become available.

Downloading and Use

The RealNetworks Scheduler downloads with versions of RealPlayer and RealOne Player. Once it is downloaded, the RealNetworks Scheduler runs independently as a separate program under the file names "realsched.exe," "TkBell.exe" and "EvntSVC.exe." The file name varies according to what version of Windows your computer runs.


Many users believe RealNetwork Scheduler is a type of malware or virus in their system, because it pops up at various intervals. However, it is perfectly safe and causes no harm to your system. If the frequent popups are bothersome or errors occur, RealNetworks Scheduler can be removed without altering any of the RealPlayer programs (see "Resources").