What Is a Remarketed HP?

Remarketed equipment is equipment that has been refurbished to restore it to original condition. Hewlett-Packard resells refurbished equipment, warehouse overstock and equipment used as product demonstrations.


Products that are returned by the customer due to damage during shipping or a defective part are repaired and restored to like-new condition. According to HP, each refurbished product is remanufactured and subjected to rigorous testing before being sold.

Retired Products

Retired products are products that HP has discontinued manufacturing. Remaining inventory of retired products is sold by HP through Hewlett-Packard Remarketing Services.

Business Products

HP offers remarketed products to business customers through the HP Business Outlet. Business customers can purchase remarketed computers, servers and printing equipment at a substantial savings. Remarketed HP products can provide the best price and performance option for people who need reliable equipment but don’t have to have cutting-edge hardware.