What Is a SanDisk Adapter?

Modern computers come with many new and useful features, and along with those features comes a price increase. For those who do not have all the latest and greatest compatibility features, such as SD card slots, SanDisk has special adapters available to help you use newer devices.


To use a SanDisk adapter, you need a USB port, ExpressCard slot or other option to add a PC Card on your notebook. If you do not have any USB ports available, consider unplugging a device that you are not currently using or buying a USB hub.


SanDisk USB adapters are usually USB 2.0-based. This allows for plug-and-play compatibility without out the need for special software from the manufacturer of your device. The ExpressCard adapter provides the same function without the need to occupy a USB port.


SanDisk adapters are used for accessing your device's memory, usually when your computer itself does not have the necessary compatibility. This is common on older computers. Simply plug in the adapter to a free USB port or appropriate slot on your notebook and put the compatible memory media into the adapter.


SanDisk adapters are useful especially if your computer does not support the type of memory media your device uses. They allow you to transfer files without taking up more space by unnecessary software, and is usually quite faster.


There are many types of SanDisk adapters, such as those for digital camcorders, cameras, hand-held PCs, and MP3 players. There is also a six-in-one adapter that has six supported devices on one adapter. There are USB 2.0, ExpressCard, and PC Card variants, each using a unique method of connecting to your computer.