What is a Wireless USB Adaptor

USB wireless adaptors are for adding wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) or wireless Internet to your laptop or desktop computer. They are for external use on your desktop or laptop. You can use a USB wireless adaptor just by plugging it into your USB on your computer, and be online in minutes. If you are out where there is free wireless Internet or while traveling, a USB is convenient. Most public places such as coffee shops increasingly offer free wireless Internet, making a USB adaptor a useful tool.

How Does a USB Adaptor Work?

USB adaptors work by picking up a signal from radio waves and then transmitting it through the USB adaptor into your computer. USB adaptors are also used as an alternative when a laptop or computer’s factory-installed wireless adaptor fails to work properly.

USB Wireless Adaptors Eliminate Need for Wireless Cards

The USB wireless adaptor eliminates the need for the installation of a wireless card. In the past, if your laptop or computer did not have a wireless connection built in, you would have had to install a wireless Internet card. The USB wireless adaptor is user-friendly too: You don't have to have any real technical experience to use it, unlike a wireless card that generally has to be installed by a professional.

USB Wireless on the Go

The most convenient thing about a USB wireless adaptor is that it has a transmitter and receiver so will pick up any open wireless connection. You can use the adaptor on your desktop at home; unplug it and use it on your computer at work; then go to the coffee shop or any other public place, plug it in and use it on your laptop. The only thing to remember is that a wireless connection must be available in order to pick up the signal.

Other Uses for USB Wireless Adaptors

USB adaptors can be used for access to another computer, camera or other electronic products. They have the versatility to perform different applications at the same time by transmitting through a wireless connection.

Where to Buy a USB Wireless Adaptor

You can buy a USB wireless adaptor (in new or in rebuilt condition) at almost any electronic store or online computer store. Most are less than 6 inches long and under 1 inch wide. Before purchasing a wireless network adaptor, make sure that your computer doesn’t already have one installed, since most new computers come equipped with one.