What Is an XPS Document Writer?

The XPS Document Writer is a Microsoft program that produces files that work well for publishing--better, the company says, than what is offered by Adobe's PDF files. Microsoft is including the program with its software on new computers so that XPS will become universal.


XPS documents, mostly used for printing and publishing, will print exactly like they appear on your screen, which is ideal for graphics and artwork. This fixes a problem with inconsistency between some documents and programs. This feature applies to online publishing as well.


You can create and share XPS files without worrying that other people will change them in any way.

The Program

You can download the XPS writer from the Microsoft website. It will work with your current programs to create XPS files.

Publishing Applications with Fonts

XPS files are a good medium for graphics, comic books and children's books. PDF files do not automatically embed all fonts, so sometimes another user, such as a commercial printer, can't print the document with the right font. Some book printers require that all fonts be embedded before they print. XPS files start with all fonts embedded so they eliminate this problem.


People in the graphic arts industry might prefer using XPS because they can have more control over how colors print. XPS differentiates between CMYK and RGB colors, the basic colors of printing, and thus output is more uniform when printed from different machines. Professional PDF programs don't do this.