What Is QuickSet on My Dell Computer?

To conserve battery power, a Dell laptop turns the display off when the laptop is idle for a period of time. When it's idle for a longer period of time, the laptop might enter suspend or hibernate mode. If you're using your laptop to deliver a presentation, you might want to disable these energy-saving features. The Dell QuickSet utility provides a shortcut to the power management and display settings, so you can quickly change them when you're using the laptop as a presentation device. Dell QuickSet comes with Dell laptops running Windows 7 or earlier.

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You can disable power management when using your laptop for a presentation.
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Laptop Power Management

To conserve battery power on a laptop, you have the ability to control the amount of power used under different circumstances through the Power Management Wizard. The computer has predefined power schemes that either aggressively conserve batter power, don't conserve battery power at all or balance battery conservation and computer performance. You can select a different scheme, based on whether the computer is plugged in or using power from its battery.

Power Management Wizard

Rather than using a predefined power scheme, you can individually adjust the power management settings on your laptop. You can set the brightness of the screen and decide to turn off the display when the computer is idle for a period of time. When the laptop is idle for a longer period of time, you can allow the computer to save its current state to disk and enter suspend or hibernate mode, which continues to supply only enough power for the computer to wake it up when you press the space bar. Another power management option enables you to suspend or hibernate the computer when you close the lid on your laptop.

QuickSet for Power Management

When you use your laptop to deliver a presentation, you might want to disable the power conversation features so the computer doesn't turn the display off or go into hibernation. Dell QuickSet enables you to quickly adjust these settings. When you left-click the Dell QuickSet icon in the taskbar, two menu options enable you to select a predefined power scheme or to launch the Power Management Wizard and individually adjust the laptop's power management settings. When you double-click the Dell QuickSet icon, it launches the Power Management Wizard.

QuickSet for Presentation Mode

Two additional menu options are available when you left-click the Dell QuickSet icon in the taskbar. One of these options enables you to adjust the size of the icons and toolbars on the screen. The other option enables you to turn Presentation mode on or off. When you turn Presentation mode on, Windows disables the screen saver, turns off system notifications and prevents the computer from going into suspend or hibernation mode.

QuickSet for Meters

If you want to adjust the screen's brightness or the volume on your computer during your presentation, you can right-click the Dell QuickSet icon in the taskbar and enable or disable the brightness meter and the volume meter on the screen. A third option enables you to turn your laptop's wireless communication on or off. Right-clicking the QuickSet icon also enables you to access the QuickSet Help feature and to view QucikSet's version and copyright date.

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