What Is Runtime Error 339?

By Bear Naff

Windows Runtime Error 339 occurs when a program asks for a specific file it cannot find. The error tends to happen when you attempt to activate certain functions of a program.

Runtime Errors Explained

Runtime Error 339 is caused when a program registers a need for a specific file in the Windows registry. The registry is a central list of settings and file names used both by Windows and the programs installed on your computer. When the program is running and calls for the file, during "runtime," it cannot find it and generates a runtime error.


The two most common causes of the error are either poor program installer design or another piece of software removing or changing a file that the program is depending on. When the error appears, it usually mentions another file by name.

Related Files

The files associated with Runtime Error 339 are .OCX files. These files are a form of ActiveX control, which are usually used to handle interface or data-handling issues. These files are stored in the /Windows/System/ directory, usually in your C: drive.

Repairing the Error

Runtime Error 339 is generally pretty easy to solve. Replacing the missing file and registering it with the system usually does the trick. Unfortunately, there is no central repository of .OCX files to download from. However, searching for "[name of file] download" usually does the trick. Once you've downloaded the file, copy it to /Windows/System/. Click on Start and Run. Type "regsvr32.exe [name of file]" into the blank and click OK. This will register the file with the system and should clear up the error. You can also attempt to clean out your system Registry.

Cautions and Concerns

Not every program that uses .OCX files is necessarily good. If you are getting the error when you start your computer, it could be that a program that runs at boot-up is having trouble. If this is the case, run a virus and malware scan.