What Is the Acronis Scheduler2 Service?

If you're running the Acronis True Image program on your computer, chances are you've seen an application called Acronis Scheduler2 running as well. If you're wondering what the heck that is, you can relax. The Acronis Scheduler2 merely assists the True Image program in restoring and backing up your computer hard drives saving both your important files and your sanity.

Acronis True Image

The Acronis True Image program can back up your entire computer system or maybe a few select files, your choice. The good thing is, you can either save the backups locally or online so they are conveniently located in case of a computer crash or other acts of violence against data. You can also schedule a back-up to run at regular intervals, but to accomplish this task, Acronis Scheduler2 has to be running.

Acronis Scheduler2

The Acronis Scheduler2 file is the utility file that manages all the scheduled tasks in the True Image program. Not only does it allow you to schedule the back-ups, but you can get a list of all the successful backups and change scheduled tasks as needed. You can also erase the back-up schedules as needed, either as a group or just by deleting a single task.


There are a few known issues with the Scheduler2. Anti-virus programs may interfere with the scheduling process, resulting in missed back-ups. Also some of the scheduled tasks may fail if there your computer has more than one hard disk and tasks are switched from one to the other. In order to solve these and any additional issues, Acronis has provided detailed steps for each problem (See Link in Resources).


Yeah, you can remove the Schedule2 process from your computer but only if you remove the entire Acronis True Image program as they work in tandem. If you decide to remove True Image, all you have to do is go into your Control Panel and choose Programs and Features. Once there you should see the Acronis True Image program in your program list and click uninstall. Make sure you really want this program removed though, because doing so immediately stops all of backup processes.