What Is the Acronis Scheduler2 Service?

By Jason Artman

When you install Acronis True Image, it creates a new Windows service on your computer called "Acronis Scheduler2." The service makes it possible for Acronis True Image to make backups of your computer's hard drive automatically at the interval you select. Although it is possible to disable the Scheduler2 service, doing so removes critical functionality of Acronis True Image.


The program name associated with the Acronis Scheduler2 service is "schedul2.exe." This program runs automatically when your computer starts. The Scheduler2 service is necessary for both automatic and manual backup operations. As a result, you cannot back up your computer when the service is disabled. To minimize system resource usage, Windows stores the program code for the Scheduler2 service in virtual memory when Acronis True Image is inactive.

Acronis Scheduler Manager

Acronis distributes a program called the "Scheduler Manager" that you can use to enable and disable the Scheduler2 service as desired. You can also use the Scheduler Manager utility to uninstall and reinstall the Scheduler2 service if it stops working properly. After downloading the Scheduler Manager, you can use the commands "schedmgr service stop" and "schedmgr service start" at the Command Prompt to stop and restart the Scheduler2 service.

Windows Services Screen

You can also turn the Acronis Scheduler2 service on and off using the Windows "Services" screen. Since this screen is a part of Windows, this method allows you to stop the service when desired without downloading additional software. However, the "Services" screen lacks the ability to uninstall and reinstall the service. You can reach the "Services" screen from the "Administrative Tools" section of the Control Panel. Right-click the Acronis Scheduler2 service and select "Stop" to shut it down.

Acronis True Image Features

Acronis True Image allows you to back up the contents of your computer's hard drive and restore them to the same hard drive or another storage device. If you do not have a second hard drive for backup storage, you can use a second partition on your computer's primary hard drive. Acronis True Image also has the ability to begin monitoring changes to your computer before you perform a potentially dangerous operation, such as installing unknown software, and roll those changes back in the event that they produce undesired effects.