What Is the File Extension Webloc?

The Safari Web Browser is a program used to navigate the World Wide Web and is usually the default browser installed on Mac computers. WEBLOC files are produced by Safari Web Browser.


A file with a WEBLOC file extension is a Mac OS X Website Location. The file extension serves as a marker for your computer, allowing it to recognize that an Internet connection and Safari are required to open the file.


You are most likely to find a WEBLOC file on your Desktop or your "Applications" folder.


A WEBLOC file is used to save a web page to your desktop. This allows you to access the page simply by double clicking on an icon.


To create a WEBLOC file, simply click on the website address and drag the address to your desktop or the folder to which you wish to save the WEBLOC file. When you drop the address, the WEBLOC file will automatically be saved to the specified location and an icon will appear.


If you are not connected to the Internet, the WEBLOC file will not open properly. Additionally, the WEBLOC will automatically launch Safari; if you wish to use another browser like Firefox to visit the site, you will need to manually type in the address or cut and paste the address from one browser to the other.