What Is TrayApp?

By Cameron Easey

TrayApp is a software application that is installed with software that is needed for HP printer products used with a computer system. The software that is installed is called HP Photosmart Digital Imaging software, which is used to scan as well as print documents and photos. When any part of the program is removed or corrupted in the registry, a Windows Installer box can appear at start-up.


The TrayApp application is typically included with programs that are installed when the installation CD is used for an HP product such as a printer, fax or scanner. A file called trayapp.msi is included in the installation for the Digital Imaging Monitor, which is used for the scanning feature of the HP product. This program is installed along with drivers that the operating system needs for the HP product to function correctly.


Problems with the program are the main reason most people even know about the TrayApp application. The most common problem is having a Windows Installer window appear when Windows is restarted or when opening the HP Director or associated programs. The Windows Installer window appears when it is looking for a particular file that may or may not be available on the system.


There can be many causes as to why a Windows Installer window appears for the TrayApp application from HP. One cause is that information for the MSI file used for the installation is corrupt or missing. A registry entry could also be corrupted, which can cause the problem to occur.


The Windows Installer window problem can be corrected depending on what is causing the problem to occur. The easiest way to fix the problem is to insert the device's installation CD into the drive when Windows is starting up. The Windows Installer will search the CD and reinstall the missing file onto the system automatically. A registry problem can be fixed by deleting the registry entry using the Windows Installer Cleanup utility (see Resources).


Once way to prevent the TrayApp error from occurring is to properly remove HP programs using the "Add/Remove Programs" option from the Control Panel. Another way to prevent this problem from occurring is to not delete Windows registry entries using a registry cleaner or anti-spyware programs.