What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the simplest method to add your website to the Internet. There are several types of hosting servers for your personal or business use. You will need to know specifics of this technique to make an informed choice on the company that offers the web hosting that your webpage requires.

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Web hosting is the method in which surfers of the web can successfully browse the Internet. A web server is a computer that sends the information for a personal or a business site to the Internet. Web hosting companies provide servers to their clients with the options of presenting information, files, pictures and bandwidth for the traffic their website brings in. This is a convenient technique for people to place their ideas, products or personal touches on the World Wide Web.


The purpose for web hosting is practicality. A person with no website experience can create a meaningful site just like a knowledgeable professional. You do not need a web host to create a site linked to the Internet. However, setting up a server from your personal PC takes in-depth understanding that most people do not want to take the time to learn. That is why web-hosting companies provide simple access to the internet. Anyone can create a site and have it viewed by millions.


There are several styles of web hosting services. This depends on the type of website you have created. Websites that are more complex contain scripts, user generated information or an automated system requires CGI or PHP scripts. This method to have your script properly displayed is available by some companies while others do not offer this technique.

Free website hosting is rare. This style has advertisements in the form of banners or pop-ups. The free companies offer limited functions for their clients. Typically, a person that has does not require large traffic and space or involve scripts uses this type of service.

Dedicated hosting is a method in which the client has free range of their website and functionality. The service is unshared, which will give the business or person more bandwidth, which leads to higher traffic margins. Flexibility is the key when using a dedicated server. You will be able to choose your hardware and operating system for your special needs. This gives you complete control over the server. You are required to have in-depth knowledge of web hosting services before you can completely use a dedicated web hosting company.

Shared hosting is the most common style for businesses and personal use. This is when your website is on a server with a couple of hundred others. You upload your website through a browser or an FTP. Then you can make changes on your website directly from the server's control panel. Shared hosting offers a setup for any scripts your website requires. In addition, they will not apply advertisements to your website.


When you run a website, you will need a domain name for others to find you. Your webpage is linked to this address. Most companies that require payment for their services offers you to choose a domain name free of charge. Some may ask for a small yearly fee to have the domain name of your choice. In addition, using a web-hosting server allows you to have the freedom of allowing your content to be seen on the World Wide Web. You can have the benefit of having your company or personal page put on one search engine or several different ones.


Choosing a web hosting company may be a difficult task. There are several functions and considerations that you should be aware. Most companies provide a list of their benefits on their webpage. However, it may be difficult to understand what it is that you are actually receiving from them.

A business website requires extensive scripts to run. This includes payment methods, forms to fill out and pictures to show your products. A successful business should have plenty of bandwidth to keep up with the traffic. They should also have a simple to manage control panel where you can change what you need and leave quickly. Time is money and the simplest options are required. You will also need to decide if your company is worth a dedicated server or if a shared server will be enough for your growing business.

A personal website does not need much consideration. Blogs, family or friend pictures and information that you wish to share with the world is usually the normal webpage. You could also have a form or another method where people can share their thoughts, like a guest book. A form is a simple script but you will need to have your web host be able to run scripts. Free or shared web hosting services are capable of running a personal site. Remember, free hosting companies often require advertisements on your page.

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