When You Get a Notification Delay From Hotmail, What Do You Do?

Hotmail is a free, Web-based email tool that people use to send and receive email communications. Sometimes, when you send an email, you receive a message from Hotmail indicating that the message will be delayed before being delivered. You may receive this message for a number of reasons. All email clients delay messages from time to time -- not just Hotmail.

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Notification delay messages can be frustrating, but you have other options.
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What It Means

The message delay notification means that the email will be delayed, either for a few minutes or a few hours, or possibly more. The reason this happens is because a server involved in sending the message has delayed it. When you send an email, the data is sent through servers to the recipient's email server, then delivered to the inbox. Most of the time, this happens almost instantly, but it might be delayed. The server may have interpreted your message as spam, or perhaps you sent too many emails to the server in a short period of time. Also, if you are sending to someone's work email address, her company might have high email security levels that delay and scan emails to ensure safety.

Be Patient

There is little you can do to deliver the email from Hotmail faster if you receive a message delay notification. Sending the email again likely will not help. In fact, resending it to the same email address can further complicate matters, as the receiving email server might interpret the multiple attempts as spam. Be patient; most emails are delivered within a day, unless the receiving server rejects them.

Send Through Other Email

One thing you can try is to send your email from an email address other than your Hotmail account. That way, your email would be sent from a different IP address, which is similar to a phone number for email clients. Also, you can try to resend the message to the same person at a different email address. If the recipient has a Hotmail address, you have a good chance of successful email delivery from your Hotmail address to that one.

Call, Text or IM

If your message is urgent, and email is not working to get it through, you have many other communication options. You can call the person -- which is often fastest -- or you can send a text message. If you have instant messaging (IM), you can find the person on IM using his email address if he also uses IM, and send a quick message that way as well. You can also look for the person on various social-networking sites and communicate that way.

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