Where Is My Firewall Located on My Computer?

By Stanley Rodowicz

A firewall is an essential part of computer security and protection from malicious attacks. The type of firewall used determines its location on your computer.


The most common firewall is Microsoft Windows Firewall, which is pre-installed on all Windows-based personal computer (PC) systems. Others, third-party firewalls, are usually installed when you install a security suite, such as Norton, Avast and Eset. Both kinds of firewalls offer different levels of protection, with third-party firewalls offering more advanced features.

Microsoft Windows Firewall

Microsoft Windows Firewall is a basic firewall with minimal features and, as noted, is installed on Windows PCs by default. It can be found within the Control Panel on any Windows PC. Windows Firewall offers different levels of protection and is normally updated with Windows Update.

Third-Party Firewalls

Third-party firewalls can be found by opening the security suite software. With more advanced features and stronger protection rules, third-party firewalls offer stronger protection. They are updated when the security or protection suite is updated.