Where to Buy a GPS Tracking Device

GPS tracking devices help you monitor things and people you care about. The easiest place to search for a GPS tracking device is online. Purchasing from an online retailer provides the greatest number of choices.

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Monitor Your Pet with GPS
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Select Device

If you are looking for a GPS tracking device to monitor a child, choose a bracelet clip-on because it's most difficult to remove. A device meant to attach to a car should be durable and able to withstand the temperature and weather of your environment. Pet tracking devices should match the size of your animal and must be tough enough to stay on wherever your pet goes! If you plan to connect your mobile phone, make sure to choose a tracking device that is compatible.

If you want to view tracking devices in person, visit an electronics store nearby and ask a sales associate for help. A few major chain stores where you can find GPS tracking devices are Best Buy, REI and Radio Shack.

Search Amazon

One online retailer with plenty of options is Amazon. Search here for a GPS tracking device in Electronics. You should receive thousands of results for all types of devices. Refine your results by checking various boxes such as Prime Eligible, if you have Amazon Prime, or narrow results by brand or average customer review.

Shop Google

Another online option is Google Shopping. Type 'GPS tracking device' into Google's search bar and then click 'Shopping.' Sort your results by review or price. Set your location if you want to find local shopping options. Click 'Available nearby' to narrow your results to items you can purchase locally. You can search Google Shopping for eBay sales, or you can go directly to eBay. Sign in to your account and search 'GPS tracking device' in Consumer Electronics. Sort by Best Match, when the item was listed, or by price. You can also refine your search by selecting certain brands, condition of the item, and whether the item is Auction or Buy It Now.

Discover Manufacturers

If you want to go directly to the manufacturer, try pocketfinder.com. There is only one brand and they do charge for shipping, but this website exclusively sells GPS trackers so your shopping experience may be easier. Another manufacturer option is trackstick, which uses retailers around the world to sell its products. Select your location and choose a retailer. This option involves going through a third party, so make sure you understand the company's policies before making your purchase.

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