Why Does My Computer Processor Keep Running?

If you processor keeps running at or hits 100 percent for an extended period, you have a computer error because spikes like this are uncommon, according to PC World. The most likely cause of your constant processing is software-related.

A processor running at 100 percent will slow down your computer.


Press "control, ALT and delete" at the same time to bring up task manager and view the CPU usage of your applications. Right-click on the offending application and the set the priority to low.


You also might have malicious software on your computer, such as a virus or trojan, causing excessive processor use. Run an anti-virus or anti-malware program and scan for malicious software.


Bugs in system files, such as drivers for your graphics card, may cause your processor to keep running. Tech Radar suggests running a search on known bugs that cause CPU spikes.