Why Doesn't My Kindle Update?

The Kindle, the electronic reader made by Amazon.com, will often need frequent updates, since users may buy books or other reading materials on a regular basis. Updates are simply downloads of any books purchased, and updates will take place in less than 60 seconds, provided there are no hindrances to the update. Several different things may cause the Kindle to fail to obtain updates.

Wireless Off

Kindle updates cannot take place unless wireless is enabled. Even if the Kindle device is on and is currently in use, when the wireless is off, no new downloads can appear. When the Kindle wireless is turned on, all ordered items will be updated on the Kindle, in the order they were purchased.

Connection Problems

If the wireless on the Kindle is enabled, the Kindle should be able to update, but it must have a proper connection to the Internet to do so. The Kindle 3G model is able to connect to the Web in virtually any location, but the Kindle Wi-Fi-enabled models do not always have an appropriate connection point. The Kindle user must either be using a Kindle 3G model, or be in a Wi-Fi hot spot or area where some wireless connection to the Internet is possible, such as a wireless router within a home.

Item Not Purchased

The Kindle may not update if the user is expecting an item that was actually not purchased. When a Kindle user is looking for updates that never appear, it can be useful to access the Amazon.com account from which the item was ordered and check order history to make sure the purchase went through.

Item Sent Elsewhere

When a Kindle owner purchases any Kindle store book, a pop-up menu prompts the selection of a device to receive the item. The selections will include all Kindle devices and Kindle apps registered on that Amazon.com account. These apps include Kindle for the PC, Kindle for the Mac, Kindle for the iPhone, Kindle for the iTouch and Kindle for the Android. If the Kindle user selects the wrong device, the Kindle book will be sent to that app or device, and the Kindle device it was intended for will not update.