Why Is Script Slowing My Computer Down?

Scripts are programs embedded in Web pages that help to provide an interactive experience for people when they visit a website. Scripts may slow down a computer if they fail to load properly, have programming bugs or load too slowly.


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Scripts such as ActiveX and Java determine the way information loads on to a Web page. Problems with scripts will, therefore, slow down your Internet browser and even freeze a computer, forcing the owner to reboot.


Scripts have various functions in Web development. Java Script, for example, is used for interactive games. A gaming website necessarily contains a lot of Web scripts to make it function correctly, though it may load slower than a simple Web page would.


Web browsers such as Internet Explorer alert users when a script is running slowly and give them the option of ending the script. This allows people to discard a script that is misbehaving. If an Internet browser is set to block certain scripts it will also slow down your Web browsing experience. Setting browser security settings to default may help correct this problem.