Why Won't Dailymotion Upload My Video?

By Kefa Olang

Sharing videos with the online community is an interactive way of sharing personal and favorite videos. On Dailymotion, one of the leading video-sharing sites, you can upload and share videos in standard and hi-definition quality. Most times, uploading videos is a quick and smooth process; however, occasionally, you may run into some problems that require some attention.

Internet Connection

If your Internet connection is too slow, or running into problems, uploading videos to Dailymotion may be halted before it completes, or stop completely. Network connections such as DSL or cable modem may time out occasionally if the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is running into technical difficulty. If this happens when you're uploading a video, you may have to check your network connection and reset it if necessary. Resetting the modem may vary with different devices, however, most usually have a reset button on the back. If you press the reset button, the network connection may resume full functionality in about a minute. If you're uploading large videos, closing extra browsing windows can free up memory and boost the uploading process.

Video Formats

There are a variety of formats video can be converted to. Unfortunately, Dailymotion only supports the following following formats: MP4, WMV, MPEG, AVI, DV, 3GP and FLV. If you try to upload a format that isn't supported, you may run into encoding errors. Encoding errors may also appear if your video wasn't compressed and optimized for the web. To avoid encoding errors, compress your video with supported settings. If your video is not in a supported format, refer to the Dailymotion recommended compression settings on the video-sharing site, and convert your video with video conversion software. There are several free video conversion programs you can download and use.

Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is the default player Dailymotion uses to stream video. This free player is available for download directly from the Adobe website. If the Flash Player is damaged or outdated, you may run into upload problems. Updating the Flash Player may not only solve uploading problems, it may improve video display. If you're using the latest Flash Player and still running into errors, uninstall the Flash Player, and then reinstall a fresh copy.


To upload videos to Dailymotion, you must create an account. Although Dailymotion allows you to upload and share videos in a wide range of genres, they limit the maximum video size and time length. In order to upload full 1080p hi-definition videos you must have a MotionMaker or Official User Account. These types of accounts are designed for creative users who upload original content that don't violate intellectual property rights and copyright laws. Creative Content accounts also have access to additional customization tools. Users with free accounts can only upload videos with resolutions up to 720p.

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