Why Won't Outlook.com Load?

By Andrew Tennyson

While it’s great to access your email from anywhere using Web-based services such as Outlook.com, these services rely on a functioning Web browser and a reliable Internet connection. If you can’t get Outlook.com to load, perform a few troubleshooting procedures to diagnose and fix the problem.

Step 1

Check that you’re using the correct username and password to log in. Outlook.com will not load if your login details are incorrect. If you forget your password, click the "Can't Access Your Account" link on the Outlook.com sign-in page to reset it.

Step 2

Restart your Web browser. Occasionally bugs and other technical problems can develop while browsing the Internet. Restarting your Web browser sometimes remedies these problems. After restarting, try once again to log in to Outlook.com.

Step 3

Verify that the Outlook.com website is working correctly. Several free third-party services have been designed to test whether websites are down (links in Resources). If Outlook.com is down entirely, wait for Microsoft to fix the problem and try to log in again.

Step 4

Try to visit a website other than Outlook.com to verify that your Internet connection is working properly. If you can’t get to any websites, close your Web browser and restart both your modem and your computer. Check the Internet cables running to your modem and PC as well, if applicable. Use the Windows 8 network troubleshooter to diagnose other network problems. Point your mouse to the top-right corner of your screen, enter “network troubleshooter” in the Search charm, click “Settings” and then select “Identify and Repair Network Problems.”

Step 5

Clear your browser’s cache and cookies. In Internet Explorer 11, click the “Tools” button in the top corner of the browser window, choose “Safety” and then select “Delete Browsing History.” Put check marks in the “Cookies” and “Temporary Internet Files” check boxes and click the “Delete” button.