ZoneAlarm Will Not Update

By Liz Jacobs

ZoneAlarm is a software firewall owned by Check Point. Firewalls protect your computer from outside attackers by shielding your system from malicious or unnecessary Internet traffic, according to Best Security Tips. ZoneAlarm has low-cost packages for computer security protection, but if your ZoneAlarm won't update, you won't be protected from new computer threats that are developed every day.

Step 1

Open ZoneAlarm. Click "Overview." Click the tab labeled "Preferences." Click "Check For Update." You will be taken to a page showing the latest changes made to ZoneAlarm. Click "Download Now" to download the latest, updated version, according to ZoneAlarm. Click "Upgrade" when you see the window asking you to select "Upgrade" or "Clean Install." Restart your computer to complete the update.

Step 2

Click "Start." Click "Control Panel." Click "Add/Remove Programs." Click "Zone Alarm." Click "Remove" or "Uninstall." Go to the Zone Alarm website and download ZoneAlarm again. Reinstall the program. You should have a fresh, updated version.

Step 3

Go to the Cnet download page for ZoneAlarm, if downloading from the ZoneAlarm page doesn't work. Click "Start Download." Downloading from the Cnet Page instead of the ZoneAlarm site should help.

Step 4

Delete any downloads of ZoneAlarm files if ZoneAlarm still won't update for you. Close the browser you are currently working in. Open another browser such as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Go to the ZoneAlarm site or the Cnet website, and attempt to download Zone Alarm again.